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We introduce ourselves: we are Andrea Celletti and Daisy Galliussi, two licensed real estate agents, and on 27 May 2015 we created The House Store – THS Immobiliare Srl. We work personally on the properties, all selected and evaluated directly, both with reference to the sale and for the leases; a further service we offer is House Hunting for a clientele of high target or who has little time at their disposal.

Our company was born following a careful choice of the partners to give a more professional, modern and dynamic imprint to the real estate brokerage work, in a more continuous and proactive relational perspective towards our customers, with the ultimate goal of offering a service of a higher level than the real estate industry average, almost “tailor-made” or “tailored”, where home and customer are not numbers, but protagonists of a successful and perfectly satisfying experience.

Territorial partnership

We regularly collaborate with selected partner real estate agencies on the national territory and we have direct contacts with Russia, for which we employ an external native speaker who translates and directly inserts the advertisements in the major Russian portals and maintains direct contacts with preferential channels to offer our most prestigious properties; moreover, she accompanies us during the visits to better facilitate communication with customers of Russian nationality even in the delicate phase of negotiations.
We both speak English fluently to facilitate foreigners and expatriates during the visits and all stages of the negotiation, please contact directly to our mobiles or via e-mail in English.

House Hunting: what it is and how it works

If you are looking for the property of your dreams but you have not found it yet, then our “House Hunting” service is the right answer for you!

The house hunter or property finder is a personal real estate consultant, who solves and tackles technical-bureaucratic tasks for you and can access a multi-channel network: private individuals, builders, databases and a network of partner real estate agencies . He is a “tailor made” of your real estate investments, he acts only on behalf of the buyer and assists him during all the purchase phases, from research to deed.

Based on a preliminary interview and a form in which the customer’s needs are formulated with respect to the property sought, the House Hunter looks for it directly for you, operating a real skimming, to finally present the buyer with a rose restricted of the properties that best meet your needs.

House Hunting means for the customer a great saving of time and money and offers greater safety and reliability than buying from the usual real estate agencies. The customer is presented with about 5 properties and the commission required for this service (paid only in the event of a successful conclusion of the sale of one of the properties presented) is truly competitive since it does not normally involve additional expenses or fees to other agencies.

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration we have with some selected agencies and reference contacts.

The satisfaction of our customers is for us the best advertising.

History of the name and logo

The name and logo “The House Store” are born from the concept – simple and dynamic – of “shop of houses”, an “ideal” place where you can enter and find the home of your dreams, suited to your needs and tastes , and above all where you can meet serious, reliable and prepared professionals who really listen to the customer’s requests and do their best to satisfy them.

Because we are not a franchise

Obviously such an innovative idea, though simple, could not marry with the logics of the best known brands of the real estate franchise that impose strict rules on exclusive areas, advertising and so on, as well as important royalties and high fixed costs to be incurred that do nothing but burden customers.

Why we don’t have a street shop

Another reason for distinction is the drastic choice not to create and maintain an agency in the form of a street shop, but to have a private office and multiple representative offices to receive our customers, relying on the structures of the trade associations.

The reasons for this choice depend both on the fact that we have properties in different areas of Rome and in the province, and on the desire to concentrate investments to maximize visibility on the web, the most important “showcase” today, to offer our customers a service of the highest quality but at advantageous conditions.

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